1-1: APPLICATION: (Social networking enable users to view others favorite and recommended purchases, earn points for reviewing and sharing purchases and send and receive preferred gifts from their followers).  

1-2: USER: Any natural or legal person who benefits from the electronic application - OYAH - in any form and by any means, whether registered or not. 


2-1: The application provides its electronic services through various electronic means of communication, including, but not limited to, electronic application stores and network browsers - the Internet - that are available for use by everyone. 

2-2: The user's access to and use of the application is subject to all terms and conditions of this document, and it is not permitted to violate them by any means or for any reason. 

2-3: All information available on the application, the services provided through it, and all terms and conditions for using the application are subject to the laws and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including, but not limited to, the communications system, electronic transactions system, information crime control system, regulations and procedures Related. 

2-4: The user's entry and use of the application constitutes acceptance of all terms and conditions without restriction or condition, and the user bears sole responsibility before the owner of the application and before any party or other party whatsoever, in case of violation of the terms and conditions and misuse of the application. 

2-5: The user gets points specified by the application when the user shares his purchases and evaluation of purchases with other users through the application. 

2-6: Additional points are calculated for User A in the event that User (B) purchases the products evaluated by User (A). * Symbols (a) and symbols (b) are used in this paragraph for illustrative purposes only. 

2-7: The user of the application can benefit from the points obtained by obtaining a discount / discounts on the value of purchases, and the points are converted into discounts through the merchant directly. 

2-8: The user of the application cannot, in any way, convert the balance of points in his account into coins, and the scope of benefiting from the points in the application is limited to obtaining discounts from the stores in the application only. 


3-1: To use the application and benefit from its services in full or in part, you must register as a member, knowing that the application does not charge fees for registration at the present time, but that there may be fees for the services provided by the application. Note that the application reserves the full right to charge registration fees for registration in it or any fees for other services at any time. 

3-2: Choosing the user name and password that authorizes access to the application and benefit from its services by the user is according to the requirements imposed by the application for this, and they must be used by the user only. They constitute a security tool for accessing the user's data management area, through which the operations of his or her domain are managed or allowed to manage. 

3-3: The user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his username and password when using the application. He also bears full responsibility for any operation or service request received by the application under its user name and password even if it was not intended or the user himself did not do so.  

3-4: The user name, password, and the user's e-mail address are very important information and must be preserved, and when forgotten or infringed by others, the user must follow the application procedures for this so that his information and services are not exposed to change or use by others. 

3-5: Users' registration with the Application may be terminated by them at any time. In addition, the administration of the application may also terminate, suspend or limit the users' right to access the application and benefit from it in any way at any time in case of violation of the terms of use. 

3-6: The application administration does not require users to disclose their passwords for their registration in the application in any way. In the event of this happening, the user must inform the application administration of this, and the user alone bears the consequences of disclosing the information to any party. 

3-7: Some operations in or through the application require the use of a one-time verification code, which is an additional standard for the integrity of user data. It is sent to the user's mobile number listed when registering in the application. 


4-1: The user acknowledges that any information provided through the application is complete, accurate and up-to-date. He alone bears full responsibility for the content of any information or document submitted through the portal, whether it is for the application management or for any party whatsoever and for any purpose whatsoever. 

4-2: The user is obligated not to register in the application in a name or in a capacity other than his name and capacity and not to enter the application in the name and information of another user. He acknowledges his knowledge that by doing so he is considered an impostor of personality and capacity and bears the consequences of that of whatever kind before the application administration and any other party. 

4-3: The user acknowledges not to represent any natural or legal person without being authorized to do so and having a proof of approval by the application administration. 

4-4: The user acknowledges that his access to and use of the application will be for legitimate purposes only, and he is committed not to use the application or what it contains of information, services or tools to carry out any act that results in a violation or crime under any system in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 


5-1: The name of the application (OYAH), its logo, its electronic addresses, and all that it contains of materials, text, images, graphics, designs, models, multimedia files, software and its classification is the property, (Mohammed Almosilhi) and retains all intellectual property rights related to it, including copyright and distribution. In addition, it is not allowed Reprint, distribute, modify, use this material for commercial or advertising purposes, or republish it in any form without the express written permission of the application owner. 

5-2: The application administration reserves the right to monitor any content entered by the user without objection from the user. 

5-3: The application administration reserves the right to delete, remove or edit any entered material that violates these terms and conditions and violates any of the application usage policies, including, but not limited to, the privacy policy and confidentiality of information and others. 

5-4: The application administration reserves the right to delete any information that it considers a violation of any of the terms and conditions of use without notifying the user. 

5-5: All content and tools available on the Application are provided to users as is, without warranties of any kind, either express or implied. 

5-6: Some links on the application may lead and redirect to websites that are not operated or managed by the application, and the application has no control or authority of any kind. The application does not review or control the content of those sites, and they are provided for the convenience of users. Furthermore, these links have no promotional content for goods, services or information, and do not imply any association between the Application and the operators of other linked websites. When the user chooses a link to an external site, he is subject to the terms and conditions of that external site of any kind. The application does not bear any responsibility as a result of accessing external links through it. 

5-7: Any information or materials entered into the application or sent to it via the Internet by the user or any party becomes the property of the application. Moreover, the application has the right to use it, as the application management deems appropriate for any legitimate purpose without the slightest objection from the user. 


6-1: The Application seeks to provide secure access to it and the services provided through it, but as a result of factors beyond the control of the Application, the Application does not guarantee continuous free, uninterrupted and secure access to it or any of its services. Furthermore, the application and its administration are not responsible for any interruption, delay or defect in the services provided through the portal and what may result from that. 

6-2: The user acknowledges that his use of the application or any material available through it is subject to his own responsibility, and neither the application nor any of its employees provides any guarantee that the application will not be subject to interruption or that it will be free of problems, deletion or errors. There are also no guarantees about the result that the user will get from using or registering with the application. 

6-3: The application takes all appropriate and applicable measures to put information on its pages and it works to update the information on a continuous basis as well. However, the application does not give any express or implied warranties regarding the accuracy, conformity of the information published, or its completeness. 


7-1: The Application shall not be liable for any loss of profits or any loss of any kind as a result of the information or services it provides. 

7-2: The application is not responsible for any loss, modification or damage to the user data stored on the application, resulting in an unauthorized person obtaining access to the user data stored in the application. 

7-3: The application is not responsible to the user or any party who can use it for the following matters, including but not limited to: 

7-3-1: Negligence that causes any damage or damage of any kind, whether direct, incidental, special or consequential. 

7-3-2: Any expenses or losses that may result from the user's use of the application or the inability to use it. 

7-3-3: Errors, omissions, delays in the response of the application system for any reason, obstruction in operation, malfunctions, exposure of computers to viruses or complete system failure. 

7-3-4: Loss of profits or exposure of the user's reputation to abuse, even if the possibility of such matters was explicitly notified between the user and the application administration. 

7-3-5: The occurrence of problems as a result of accessing the application, accessing it, using it, or accessing through it to other sites. 


8-1: The application has the full right and freedom to modify these terms and conditions or completely replace them with other new terms and conditions without notifying the user or any other party. The changes made shall become effective immediately upon their publication on the application page, and the user's continued access to the application or use of the services available on it shall be deemed as acceptance of the changes. 

8-2: The user is obligated to browse the entire content of the various terms and conditions and policies of the application, understand the content of the information, and bear the consequences of his failure to peruse these terms, conditions and policies related to the user himself or any other party. 

8-3: The application has the full right and freedom to modify the entire application or part of it, or stop or suspend it temporarily or permanently without prior notice to the user or any other party and at any time the application administration deems fit. The application and its administration do not bear any responsibility to the user or any party for any modification to the application or in the event of its suspension or suspension. 

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