What is oyah ?

Social networking enable users to;
- view their friends, community and other users favorite and recommended purchases.
- review and share their recent purchases with their followers and community
- send and receive a cup of coffee, an ice cream and other tasty, cool and preferred gift from your followers and community.
- check in cafe shops and restaurants to display the menu, check your friends and others favorite menus, claim your gifts, order and pay.
- Earn cash back points for buying, sharing and influencing.
- Buying points will be earned when users buy from other users menu.
- Sharing points will be earned when user review and share his/her recent purchases
- Influencing points will be earned when other users buy from your menu.

How does it work ?

Check in at the cafe shops, restaurants and stores to display menu, order and pay.
Review and share
Review and share your purchases from the home page.
Earn point after sharing your recent purchases, also you will get extra points if u buy from other users menus and if other users buy from your menu.

How do i send a gift ?

-Click on gift icon
-Select the user you want to gift
-Select the store and the item
-Write a message
-Check out.

How do i claim my gifts ?

-Check in at the store that you received a gift from.
- from the menu you will find a gift icon, click on it and claim your gifted item.

How do I earn cash back points ?

You will receive three types of points.
Buy points.
When you buy from other users menus
Share points
When you share your recent purchases
Influencing points
When other users buy from your menu.

How do i use my points ?

You will be able to use your collected points to get a discount when you check out.
You will know your balance in the cart and in the wallet.

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