One of the responsibilities of the OYAH application is the privacy of the users of the application, and the following is a list of the privacy policy applicable to the application: 


1-1: Using the OYAH application through any means, this constitutes an acknowledgment of your acceptance of the application's privacy policy and its terms. 


2-1: It is required to provide the personal information of the user of the application of any kind, which the application deems necessary for the possibility of registering the user and enabling him to benefit from the services provided by or through the application. 

2-2: When using the application's "contact us" form, additional information is obtained from the application user, including but not limited to name, email, contact numbers, geographical location or any additional information that the user provides to the application, whether Optionally or at the request of the application. 

2-3: The application has the full right to collect information from users and save it for an indefinite period, and it can be used or part of it for the purposes of exchanging information with whomever the application management deems necessary, and the application has the right to analyze this information and data. 

2-4: The application shares what it obtains of data and information about users with parties and third parties for various purposes, including, but not limited to, advertisements, limited data exchange, feasibility studies, and others. In this regard, the user's registration in the application means absolute approval of what was mentioned in paragraph "4-2" of the privacy policy, and the user has no recourse to the administration of the application or his representative in this regard at any time and for any reason. 

2-5: With regard to sharing users’ data and information with governmental and legal entities, the application is committed not to share data and information and not disclose it to any governmental or legal entity in particular, unless there is an order issued by an authority that requires this procedure. Moreover, this does not require the prior consent of the user. 

2-6: In the event that the ownership of the application is transferred to any third party, the new owner of the application is obligated to announce the privacy policy as it deems appropriate. 

2-7: All data and information obtained by users are considered the property of OYAH application, and the application may dispose of it in a manner appropriate to it. 


2-8: It is required to provide the contacts of the user (with their permission from the application dialogue box) of the application to enable certain features of the application such as finding their friends and family which are registered on the application. 


2-9: We understand the importance of privacy and want to be transparent about how we handle users uploaded image information. When users upload images to our platform, we collect and store certain data associated with those images. This may include metadata such as file names, sizes, and timestamps. We utilize this information solely for the purpose of providing and improving our services, ensuring proper functionality, and enhancing user experience. We do not share this information with any third parties unless compelled to do so by law. Safeguarding your uploaded image information is a top priority for us, and we employ industry-standard security measures to protect it from unauthorized access or disclosure. 


3-1: OYAH application users have the right to request cancellation of registration / subscription at any time, and the application is obligated to cancel registration / subscription whenever it is confirmed that the procedure is possible. 


3-1: The OYAH application uses the information obtained from the users of the application for the following purposes: 

3-1-1: Continuous improvement and maintenance of the application to avoid errors and create an environment that suits users' desires. 

3-1-2: Understand and analyze how users use the application and the extent to which their needs are met, and develop the services and features of the application. 

3-1-3: Communicate with users through the administration of the application directly or through a representative of the application (a third party) if needed. 

3-1-4: Determining the sources of traffic, their number and extent of use, as well as the geographical locations of users in order to provide the application services appropriately. 

3-1-5: Monitoring and combating illegal movements such as fraud, piracy, and others. 


4-1: The OYAH application takes all measures to collect the cookie data of the users of the application, as the application accesses information about the protocol address (IP) in addition to the type of browser and Internet service provider (ISP) in addition to the date, time and referring pages from which it was access to the application. The purpose of this is to analyze the performance of the application's work, track the movement of the application's users, and gather demographic information that may contribute to developing the application to meet the requirements and desires of users. 


5-1: The OYAH App uses the cookie information of the App users to store their preferences, as well as the pages or posts that users visit or browse.  Ina addition, the application uses this information to improve the quality of the services provided based on the information collected from them. 


6-1: Various third-party ad servers or ad networks use technologies like cookies or web beacons that are used in their respective advertisements and links that appear on the OYAH App, which are sent directly to users' browser. Advertising companies automatically receive an IP address of application users, which is used to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and/or to personalize advertising content based on application user data. 

6-2: OYAH App does not have the right to access and control the advertising cookies of any other party (third party). 


7-1: This OYAH Privacy Policy does not apply to advertisers or other websites. The user is therefore solely responsible for reviewing and understanding the privacy policies of third parties. 


8-1: The OYAH application contains various advertisements for companies, institutions, individuals and others, and users of the application may appear ads within the content, which are built and customized based on the data and information of users previously obtained by the application or through search movements in the application that users make. 


9-1: The user acknowledges that he has read all the terms and conditions and terms of the privacy policy of the OYAH application and that he is obligated to follow them and not violate them during the use of the application. 

9-2: The user acknowledges his full understanding and knowledge of the content of the terms and conditions and the privacy policy and his sole responsibility for that, whether it requires translation or the use of a third party to understand it 

9-3: The user acknowledges the right of the OYAH application management to change, modify, add or delete any of the terms and conditions and the privacy policy at any time. 

9-4: The application management amends and changes the privacy policy periodically or whenever required, and the user is responsible for reviewing all the terms of the privacy policy on an ongoing basis. 

9-5: The application is obligated to announce the change of privacy policy to users on the application pages. 

9-6: To use the application and benefit from its services, it is required that the user agree to the privacy policy and any new amendments that may occur to it on a regular and continuous basis. Furthermore, the user's acceptance of the new privacy policy, (in the event of modification), is considered an appendix and continuation of the acceptance of the previous policy by implication. The approval of the existing amendments does not cancel any previous approval. 

9-7: In the event that the user rejects the modifications to the privacy policy of the application or any part of it, the application management shall have the right to cancel the user's registration / subscription immediately. In addition, the user is solely responsible for any loss that may result from canceling the registration / subscription, or any claims that may arise from the application or any related party.   

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